Fourteen One

Links of Interest

Official 14.1 Rules (pdf)
Also read the section on general rules (pdf), which also apply to 14.1, "except when clearly contradicted by these additional rules."
AZBilliards 14.1 Forum
The mothership, sparsely populated compared to the other forums at AZBilliards, but active enough and full of helpful players. Someone is usually posting a cuetable diagram or a video of a recent run.
What Killed Straight Pool?
R.A. Dyer's Billiard's Digest article with his theories on the demise of the once-proud "king of pool games." Some interesting culprits are identified, among them 9-Ball, the arrival of the coin-operated barbox, and the 1973 US Open 14.1 tournament broadcast on ABC. Interesting reading.
Accu-Stats 14.1 DVDs
Treasure trove of matches dating back decades. Here's another view, of their straight pool category, organized by matches.